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Join the Lab

Lab Expectations

In our lab we strive to create a culture of inclusion and collaboration where all are welcome.

We value the participation of every member of our community and want to ensure an that every lab member and collaborator has a positive, educational experience unhindered by unnecessary challenges caused by non-inclusive behavior.

Accordingly, everyone who participates in any lab project is always expected to show respect and courtesy to other community members and sign our Code of Conduct.

All lab members are dedicated to a harassment and discrimination-free experience for everyone. Discrimination or harassment based on racial or ethnic background, citizenship status, religion (or lack thereof), political affiliation, gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, dis/ability status, veteran status, appearance or body size will not be tolerated. We do not tolerate harassment or discrimination by and/or of members of our community in any form.

Joining the Lab


We are always excited to have undergraduates join us in the lab! Please send me an email to set up a time to talk about research opportunities. There are possibilities for research credit, work study, and hourly wages. While not a requirement, we highly recommend that students take BIOL 005C prior to join the lab. 

Graduate Students

 I am recruiting  1 graduate student next academic year (to start Fall 2025). Please contact me in late summer  or early fall to discuss. Prospective students from traditionally excluded groups are encouraged to apply.

IMG_4977 (1).jpeg

While the lab does not currently have funding for postdoctoral researchers, I am willing to work with dedicated candidates to develop fellowship and grant proposals that would fund their work in the lab. Potential postdoctoral researchers are encouraged to contact me a year before finishing their PhD or current post-doc, to allow time to develop these proposals.

Contact us!

For those interested in joining our lab, please email Marko.


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